• Beautiful Yemen

    Beautiful Yemen

    Socotra is located in Muhafazat Hadramawt, Yemen
  • The Amiriya Madrasa of Radà

    The Amiriya Madrasa of Radà

    Constructed in 1504, it represents a jewel of Islamic art and architecture with its three built levels, 600 m2 of tempera wall paintings and extensive, elaborate plaster decorations.
  • Sana’a arhitecture

    Sana’a arhitecture

    is renowned for its quirky architecture, which includes multi-storey buildings decorated in geometric patterns.
  • Socotra: Yemen’s Legendary Island

    Socotra: Yemen’s Legendary Island

    Isolated Socotra, 220 miles from mainland Yemen, is home to a panoply of strange plants and animals uniquely adapted to the hot, harsh, windswept island.

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Yemen in Bucharest

Welcome to the website of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Yemen in the Bucharest. The purpose of which is to put you in touch with Yemen , give you basic information and facilitate links to other web sites in Yemen. and the friendly relations between the Republic of Yemen and Romania which have ever since made an unceasing development in the political, economic,cultural and educational fields, Also, here is information on how to contact our Consulate and the services provided by us. I sincerely hope that our visitors find it pleasant and informative. At the same time, you are most welcome to make comments and suggestions so that we can keep on improving our services on this website.

New Honorary Consul in Bucharest

Begining from 8 April 2015, Dr Khaled Al-Jaboobi is designated Honorary Consul of the Republic of Yemen in Bucharest. Currently, he is the only representant of state Yemen in Romania, it is accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen and accepted by the Romanian state.
Romanian citizens, Yemenis and all public can contact the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Yemen in Bucharest on issues relating to visas, passports, legalization or other consular problems.
The new Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Yemen in Bucharest is located on Calea Vitan, nr. 211, bl. 30, sc. 1, etaj 1, ap. 23, Bucuresti. For more detail information, please visit contact page.